Here you will find some of our dives:


Date: 4 March 2006 Dive Time: 39 min
Site: Bass Lake
Night Dive - Very nice! The weather played along very nicely. After a beautiful sunset, it was time to get ready for our night dive. The water was a nice 24C. We stared our dive at the 6m grid across from hut #4 maintaining 6m throughout the dive along the "wall". With all the grass on the wall one of the divers remarked that it looks like a fantasy world. We found a few fish "resting" on the slopes of the wall.


Date: 5 March 2006 Dive Time: 25 min
Site: Miracle Waters
Deep Dive - The morning started off very hot 26C. The water was a nice 20C. We decided to this dive on our dive computers. We descended at the plane wreck (eina that thermocline) and followed the rope to the grid at 31.5m. We tried to phone, but Telkom did not connect the line. From the grid we moved slowly back to the plane followed by the bus, computer bits and a 3 min. stop at the 5m grid. The viz were between 0.5 - 4m.


Date: 8 October 2006 Dive Time: 39 min
Site: Miracle Waters   -  With Wild about Diving
Deep Dive - The day started overcast, but became hot. For this dive we had to swim from the Eastern entry point to the buoy line. We descended to the grid at 31m, we followed the outline of Miracle Waters in an eastern direction following a line that we have not seen before. Through the whole dive I only saw two fish and a crab! We went past a pile of computer stuff and ended the dive back at the main entry point.